The Chinise pictogram for the word “Crisis” is a combination of two words; danger and opportunity.

Within crisis, within your personal crisis, there is potential danger and potential opportunity, especially for change. Many people faced with crisis, rather it be cancer, war or may have you, see that crisis and danger as a great opportunity for change and personal growth.

Ask anyone who has had a near-death experience (terrible car accident, gun held to their head, terrible illness) and see how it has changed their way of thinking. What you will find is that many of them now actually live life more than they did before, are more aware of not only their own existence, but the existence of others. They become less afraid of fear and rejection and more willing to try new things and embrace new experiences.

 I will elaborate about this much more later, but right now you can take advantage of any crisis you may be experiencing right now rather it be the loss of a job, house, or whatever it may be, and stop ruminating about how bad or terrible it is, and discover the opportunity in it, especially the opportunity for personal growth. 

You can also look at it in another way. Whenever there is crisis that does not directly affect you, there is still opportunity there for you to either help directly or at least reflect on it. An earth quake in China can give you the opportunity to donate to charity or in the less, appreciate that today, in this moment, you are alive and have the opportunity to make any changes you need to make to live your best life ever, rather it’s apologizing to a love one for a wrong did long ago or to quite going to a job you’ve hated for the past 10 years.


I hate change. I’ve hated it for as long as I can remember. Something about change to me is anxiety provoking. Some people, when faced with change get excited or see opportunity, I however usually become fearful and uncertain and that is something I want to start working on.

Doing some introspection about the way I feel when faced with change I realize I usually do whatever I can to prevent that change from happening to the point at times of becoming neurotic. I may beg, plea or even put myself in an uncomfortable situation if I think it will keep things from changing.

Once I realize that that isn’t working, I usually become dispirit, and then began to numb myself to the change that is coming  (one may call this acceptance).

My goal however is to start seeing change as something exciting and even when it’s not so exciting, it’s still an opportunity to explore a new and different situation. The leaving of a good employee may mean the hiring of a better one. A friend relocating to Ice Land may mean new opportunities to hike up Mt. Esja or walk behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. 

You just never know what change will bring about, so my goal and your new challenge if you too are fearful about change, is to start seeing the positive aspects of change and even if there isn’t any, try creating one! That’s what I’m doing 🙂