Lies vs Truths

I am firmly convinced that we are all liars. Now I know you may be saying “What? Not me! I am the most honest and genuine person there is.” And that might very well be the case, but you are still a liar.

What I am talking about here is internal dialogue, the thoughts we have about ourselves and the conversations we have about ourselves. More importantly, I am talking about the lies we tell ourselves, consciously or unconsciously..

Examples include; “I can’t live without him/her”, “Nobody will love me if I’m not perfect” and “I can change him/her after we are married.”

Think about those examples and then think about the lies you tell yourself. Now separate the lies from the truths. You won’t die if your mate leaves you. People who truly love you now and in the future will love you despite your flaws and chances are that you won’t be able to “fix” someone rather you are married or not and even if you manage to change that person its likely you will start to find them less interesting.

Sometimes the lies go even deeper. How many times have you called yourself a failure, stupid or a number of other insulting lies? Backing out of the garage you accidentally hit the mail box. You might get mad and call yourself an idiot and be upset with yourself for the rest of the day because of the lie you told yourself. The truth is, it was an accident. You are not an idiot. An idiot wouldn’t have a drivers license, have a job, be reading this blog, etc.

The trick is to regonize the truth from the lie which is sometimes hard because often we spend so much time convincing ourselves that the lies are the truths. The truths are sometimes painful and hard to accept, but usually always liberating and recognizing the truths from the lies will help you see the situation for what it really is.