“I dreamt my teeth fell out!”

dream_standard_1280x960A friend of mine recently told me she had a disturbing dream that her teeth had fallen out. Alarmed, she called me and I quickly consulted two dream books, both of which stated that dreaming your teeth are/have fallen out can mean multiple things, but generally the end of a relationship or the the fear of being lied to/cheated on. My friend quickly acknowledged that she is afraid of both, her relationship ending (which isn’t going so well) and being lied to by her boyfriend who has lied to her multiple times before. What I found interesting besides the dream and it’s possible interpertations is how she felt felt during the dream about her teeth falling out. She told me she felt disgusted and I took that a step further to say that she feels disgusted with the thought of a) losing her relationship and b) being lied to by her boyfriend… again. After some thought, she agreed with my analysis and not that it was some sort of breakthrough, but it did help her realize that her dream wasn’t just about losing her teeth, but about her fears.  I think it’s important when trying to analyze your dreams to not only look at who was in the dream or what was happening in the dream, but how you or the people in the dream felt about what was happening. I believe looking at that will potentially give you greater insight not only into your dreams, but into your reality.

Automatic Negative Thoughts

I am so surprised I haven’t talked about this earlier. Automatic Negative Thoughts, or ANTS as they are widely known in the psychological world.

Most of us all have ANTS to one extent or another. They are usually subconscious, negative and pessimistic self-talk that happens when we are under some sort of stress. Another thing I have realized about ANTS is that when used often enough as a coping skill they pop up in ever instance and not just in instances of stress.

For example, I have a friend that on a beautiful summer day will complain that the sun is too bright. On a cozy winter night will complain that it’s too stuffy. In any and every instance she is looking for something to complain about. She has become controlled by her automatic negative thoughts which.

The way to defeat ANTS is simple, but it takes practice and intention. In psychology they are called coping statements and I’ll give you some quick examples.

Negative Thought/Situation                                Coping Statement

No one likes me.                                                    I have no real evidence to show this and even
                                                                               if it were true, I dont’ care because I like


I suck at everything I do.                                        There are some things I don’t suck at.

I am hopeless.                                                       I am not hopeless. I have felt this before. This
                                                                              feeling will pass.

There are an infinite amount of examples I can give and that you can think of. The trick is to turn your ANTS into positive or reaffirming thoughts. One last tip. Take a piece of paper and write down your automatic negative thoughts and then your corrections to change your ANTS into more positive or reaffirming thoughts.

I hope I explained this well, I was writing it while in the middle of many interruptions. Some people just don’t respect my privacy or my blog. If you have any questions or if there is anyway I can clear somethings up, please leave a comment or email at emancipatedmind@mac.com.