“Why Do People Try to Kill Themselves?”

I was asked that question earlier this morning by a client who had tried to kill himself over the weekend. At first I found it strange that he would ask that question. The answer of course is that there are a number of reasons a person may think suicide is the answer to his or her problems. Those answers are generally irrational at bese. I replied to his question by asking him why did he try to kill himself. He hemmed and hawed for a momment and then replied that he was tired of all of his physical ailments (back problems, body aches), that he didn’t feel appreciated by his family any more (especially his wife) and that he just wanted to take an overdose of sleeping pills (which he did) and sleep forever (which thank God he didn’t). So why do people try to kill themselves? Name a reason, and there’s probably someone who has tried to kill themselves because of it. Generally it’s because of irrational thoughts, poor impulse control, poor coping skills, feelings of hopelessnessa-suicide-note-photoshop-876693_1024_768 and lack of insight. The key is to help them find hope and a reason to live. One of my favorite quotes is by Viktor Frankl: “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.”